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Nat H.

Lead Planner, WPICC

Hello! I'm Nat, and I'm the face behind The Merrier Co. Weddings & Events. 

I am a Certified Wedding Planner since 2016 and held a Certificate for Event Meetings & Management. 

You are going to ask me why event planning, and how did you start? 

Since my post-secondary graduation, I knew event planning is my path, it was an obvious first choice to take my adventure in. Then, I had the amazing opportunities to plan and execute community events, such as street festivals and public celebrations. So this is how the magic began!

And until now, being in the event industry for more than 5 years, my passion for it never stopped instead it continues to grow, bigger and bigger every time. Oh, and I call this my career too! 

No matter its day or night, sunny or rainy, one person or one hundred people, our lives are full of events. But how do we make it memorable and merrier? With my 100% 'producer' attitude, I promise that your events will be in a good hand, not only without stress but fill with laughter and happy tears! 


Ruby H.

Assistant Planner

Hello Everyone!
I am Ruby and I am the Assistant Planner at The Merrier Co.


My interest in wedding planning started three years ago, and that was when I began to plan my own wedding. It quickly became my habit to look at wedding-related posts daily, from the ring to the wedding dresses and decorations to photoshoot ideas. With that said, event planning and design have hit my radar since then, and now getting to work with Nat at the Merrier Co., we definitely enjoy every opportunity to create special moments for you.

Photography: Lucy Chang Photography

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