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Nat H.

Lead Planner, WPICC

Hello! I'm Nat, and I'm the face behind The Merrier Co. Weddings & Events. 

I am a Certified Wedding Planner since 2016 and held a Certificate for Event Meetings & Management. From street festivals to community events as well as corporate meetings, my top favorite is celebrating love and being your wedding planner!

Being trilingual in English, Cantonese and Mandarin has proven beneficial as I tend to always draw up a good conversation with your families! My passion is working events either big or small and you’ll find that my days and nights are filled with that.

I hold a 100% ‘producer’ attitude and I find joy in the process of creation with all its ups and downs. I will be your supportive cheerleader and turn your ideas and visions into moments that you’ll truly enjoy. Being very detailed oriented you can rest assure that all the wedding details will be taken care of and that your day will be filled with laughter and happy tears only!


Photography: Self Portrait Studio

Ruby H.

Assistant Planner

Hello Everyone! I am Ruby and I am the Assistant Planner at The Merrier Co.

My interest in wedding planning started three years ago, and that was when I began to plan my own wedding. It quickly became my habit to look at wedding-related posts daily, from the ring to the wedding dresses and decorations to photoshoot ideas. With that said, event planning and design have hit my radar since then, and now getting to work with Nat (AKA my sister), we definitely enjoy every opportunity to create special moments for you.

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